Present and former students' testimonials


  • "Rosy is positive and supportive, and always takes the time to explain the physiological process(es) behind the techniques."
  • "Rosy was quick to identify the areas in which I needed improvement, and helped me develop a practice regimen tailored to those needs."
  • "Ducks prefer salmon over peanut butter."


"I really enjoyed Rosy's teaching style- relaxed but effective. She's fun to work with, and the vocal warmups and breathing exercizes have both strengthened my voice and extended my vocal range. Working with Rosy has increased my confidence in my singing abilities tenfold. Three cheers for Rosy!"


Rosie is very good at adapting the lessons to fit my needs and interested. The voice lessons have helped me develop my upper register and sing more confidently in my head voice. Sometimes I come to a lesson exhausted after a long hard day at work, but I always leave feeling rejuvenated and energized.


I remember the day, more that 25 years ago, like it was yesterday. I was in the fifth grade. I had been learning the b-flat trumpet and my voice was starting to change. Then the teacher started teaching us a song in the key of C. It was all just too confusing! So I gave up music from then until now.

And I was dreadfully self-conscious about my sing voice. I wanted so much to be able to express the deep emotion I feel but I just couldn't bear to let Rosy, or anyone else, hear my singing voice. My wife even went so far as to purchase two hours of Rosy's time at a fund-raising auction. I let that expire after a year.

Finally, my wife got tired of all the nonsense and bought ten hours of lessons for my birthday. I really had no choice. After all those years and all that agonizing it was like nothing...

Rosy completely ignored my terror and started in with "sa a a a a w." I never looked back.

It is so easy to learn with Rosy. She is always saying how wonderful that last exercise sounded. Sure once in a while she will say: "let's do that one again." But it's never harsh or critical.

The lessons are in Rosy's studio. After a few minutes of warming up, we drill for a half an hour and then we get to work on songs. Right now I am learning to sing harmony by singing rounds. The lessons are hard work, both physically and intellectually, but they are not overwhelmingly difficult. It is fun to sing and very satisfying to learn new things and feel my voice growing stronger each week.


Rosy's lessons allow me to express my deepest emotions. Some things can only be said in a song.

Rosy's lessons allow me to sing happy birthday by myself in a room full of non-singers with complete confidence; knowing that I am on key and have plenty of support.

Voice lessons with Rose have brought a voice out that I never imagined was there. The richness and range that has come only because of the work that she has done with me continually amazes me. I know she is tailoring the lesson for me because of the exercises and the songs she chooses for me. .... I finally started noticing that the exercises that we were working on had some of the same characteristics as a song that we were working on. Rose also uses music that the student likes and wants to focus on. I have observed and experienced her ability to incorporate all kinds of music into a valuable learning experience.


I have not had any singing experience since elementary school chorus. While I have continued to sing by myself and in the car since then, I have been extremely self-conscious about my singing voice all my life. Rosy immediately put me at ease during my first lesson. Her lessons are in a relaxed environment in her home studio. Her encouragement and constructive criticism have helped me gain confidence in my voice and relax while singing.

Rosy's piano playing and singing helps to keep the lessons compelling and challenging. There is a great deal of variety in the lessons and songs are included in conjunction with exercises. The relaxed environment and ability to practice with piano accompaniment keep the lessons interesting and fun. Rosy rapidly showed me that, in fact, I can sing in tune and has given me exercises and techniques that have improved my range, support and breath control. I am slowly gaining confidence in my voice as I learn how to use it as an instrument.


Rosy tailors the lessons to my needs and has used so many techniques to help me develop the high end of my range. Imagery, burble, fire engine, the wall - the tricks she has are amazing and amusing!

The lessons include a lot of vocalizing and work on pieces that interest me. They are fun and low stress. She has helped me to release tension in my face and neck, be aware of where the sound is coming from, and support my voice to sing with greater ease and beauty.


Rosy's voice lessons have been extremely helpful! Since starting lessons 5 months ago, my range has increased by a whole step, and my breath control feels much stronger. My confidence level is much higher when I perform, now.

Rosy is able to develop her lessons for any skill level. During my lessons, we run through breathing and pitch exercises. She teaches me ways to use my full torso in order to strengthen my singing. She also gives me the freedom to choose what songs I sing, and helps me to develop my own sound. I feel that I benefit from every lesson she gives me.


My lessons with you were a definite bright spot in my week and in my personal development... Your warmth, encouragement, sense of humor, and generously mindful fee scale have been gratefully appreciated by me.


Rosy works with my voice and training instead of trying to teach me "their style". Much more effective.